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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )

Progression in the two-year Master degree

Recruitement in Master-1st year in Plant Sciences is selective: i) Masters Plant Sciences at the European level, recruit students with a BSc Honors, ii) formation is in English as well as assessments. Internal compensation semester 1 (winter term) or in semester 2 (summer term) is possible, according to each group of teachning units. Compensation is possible if no teachning unit has an average below than, or equal, to 5/20. There is no compensation between these semesters (no annual compensation).

Master-2nde year entry is possible if the student validates its M1 on the one hand, and he/she is admitted for his/her research training period in a laboratory validated by the jury (Summer Semester 2, M2-S4). Direct entry in M2 will also be selective on the same criteria (scientific excellence and English). There is no compensation between these semesters (no annual compensation). In semester 3 (winter term), and in semester 4 (summer term, 6-months intership), each teaching unit should be obtained independantly, and no unit average should be below, or equal to 5/20.

Students from another French or european M1 (application in M2), or equivalent degree, must first obtain the approval of the validation committee of Lille, and also probably Campus France (for non european students), and obtain the agreement of coordinator/studies director of the Master Plant Sciences. 

Students from the M1 Plant Sciences, validating their M1 through an Erasmus +mobility, were accepted in M2 (no other selection is made).

All students validate their M2 admission if they are accepted for a laboratory internship in a research laboratory (public or private) approved by the committee.