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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )

Research Industries


Ph.D. thesis

Plant Sciences M.Sc. graduates can apply to doctoral schools to continue their training.
Ph.D. school ED 446: Biologie-Santé (Lille1-Lille2)
Other french and international Ph.D. schools

Topic areas:

Chemistry, Biochemistry
Natural sciences, Biology
Life Sciences


Engineers, lab and platform managers in different domains (fundamental and applied plant research – plant breeding and improvement, stress resistance and phytopathology, agro-industries (food, materials, neutraceutics). 

Research scientists in international public or private laboratories, Assistant professor (after Ph.D. degree and post-doctoral positions )

Professional insertion:

This 2-year, international M.Sc. programme offers a wide selection of modules in Plant Biology. The main objective is to train young scientists for future careers in research in either public (e.g. university, CNRS, INRA, CIRAD) or private laboratories and companies, in France or other countries. Graduates of the Plant Sciences M.Sc. Programme can either apply directly for different positions (engineer, lab manager), or alternatively pursue their training at the Ph.D. level.