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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )

Pedagogical News

 Pré-rentrée (Pedagogical registration, Welcome Day): Thursday, 1st September, 15h30, SN1, Malaquin

* common with the Master Biologie Santé, Thursday, 1st September, 13h30-15h30, building SN1, amphi Malaquin (attention, cette pré rentrée est en langue française).

As the winter semester programme is close to those of this Master, you can also follow the talk, but take care: this talk will be done in french.

* specific for the Master Plant Sciences,  Thursday, 1st September, 15h30-17h30, building SN1, amphi Malaquin (this talk will be done in english).

At least, you should be present physically at this talk. This talk is mandatory. This will state your pedagogical registration to the Master Plant Sciences.