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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )

Masters Plant Sciences at Lille

This Master aims to form biologists in the field of plant sciences, with an integrative view allows them to make connections between interdisciplinary topics and at different levels of study. This Master is based on the acquisition of knowledge of the biology of plants and microorganisms, both in the context of development and industrial uses, but also in the knowledge of how plants face the stress from their environment, whether at the evolution level (changing photosynthesis pathways, adaptations and terrestrialization) or face the current climate changes (pollution, ozone, drought, floods ..).

Multidisciplinary integrative approaches will be developed at different levels: biomolecule, cellular, tissue, organism and population. Graduates students should be able to use their training to design and develop research tools to integrate a research team and research & development laboratories. The intervention of professionals from different sectors will also illustrate the usefulness of this knowledge for the improvement of plants or processes to enhance plant agro-resources.

This Master Plant Sciences is currently an international degree  with a mandatory mobility. In the future, the goal is to make it evolve towards a Dual Degree type. In this case, after the completion of the two years, students are awarded double degree from Bonn (Germany) and Lille (France).