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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )

Plant Sciences curriculum at Lille

For students realizing their Bachelor in Life Sciences at Lille (or in the COMUE Nord-Pas de Calais, France), a typical plant sciences curriculum is possible.


Modules underlined in bold could be teached in english language (see the Bilingual groups, TD and TP are performed in english, see here).


First Year, Summer Term (Second Semester): CELOE option (from the cell to the organism in its environment)


Second Year, Winter Tern (Third Semester): GFVeg option (Main Plant Physiological Functions)


Second Year, Summer Term (Fourth Semester):

* Cell Biology and Physiology specialization: BC2V option (Plant Cell Biology and Valorization)

* Biochemistry specialization: BC2V option (Plant Cell Biology and Valorization), Microbiologie 2 (Microbiology, Bacteriology, Virology), 


Third Year: Winter Term (Fifth Semester)

* Cell Biology and Physiology specialization: Physiologie de la Communication chez les Plantes (Plant Perception and Communication) and Génétique des eucaryotes uncellulaires (Unicellular Eukaryotic Genetics) (2 options)

* Biochemistry specialization: Génétique des eucaryotes uncellulaires (Unicellular Eukaryotic Genetics)


Third Year: Summer Term (Sixth Semester)

* Cell Biology and Physiology specialization: Génomique des Plantes (Plant Genomics) and Stress environnementaux et Pathologies chez les Plantes (Plant Ecophysiology), Physiologie du Développement des Plantes (Plant Development Physiology) (3 options). The lab internship (one month, full time) could be done in a research laboratory working on plant sciences. See here.


Whatever your curriculum, from Lille or elsewhere, if you followed such teaching units, don't hesitate to apply to the Master Plant Sciences. In this case, precise exactly which units you have chosen, the number of ects, the hours (lecture, directed works, practical works) and their detailed programme (title of the chapters, examples of exercices, type of living models described)....