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Master Plant Sciences ( Biologie Végétale )


With its international research in Plant Sciences, Lille is a great place to acquire, develop and expand fundamental and applied aspects of plant sciences. Considering the strategic localization of Lille on the basis of transport network, close to BeNeLux, U.K. and Germany, and this research context, the MSc programme « Plant Sciences » has been opened in the winter term 2015 (September 2015).

The formal curriculum of the 2-year, international programme offers a wide selection of courses : from unicellular eukayotic genetics, terrestrialization evolution, to applied agro-sources materials. All teaching units are taught in english either in France or in Germany. A core of academic modules is compulsory, and lab courses could be chosen to meet their personnal interests.

Programme is built to favor interchangeability of european credit point transfer system (ects). The Master’s degree requires to cumulate 120 ects, - 30 ects/semester



  • Studies director

         Dr Sebastien Grec, C9 building, office 222.



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Several teaching strategies are used as part of this programme

• Lectures

• Conferences

• Tutorials on scientific issues from analysis of international scientific articles

• Laboratory projects

• Introduction of laboratory notebook (rules, safety…)

• Individual Student Project in English

• Group Projects in English


Several methods of evaluation are used in the context of this programme

• Written exam with answers to argue

• Participation to an oral scientific debate or scientific controversy based publications and conferences analysis

• Oral defence faced an informed public

• Report writing as an official laboratory notebook

• Bibliographic Memory

• Experimental Strategy Implementation (practical skills)

• English language, written and spoken (current, and scientific)